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Training and personnel development services center.


We offer training courses from 08.00 - 22.00 .Course will be substituted by the needs of the participants .


The center was designed to be easy to attend . With distribution centers throughout the region Including online.


Anyone can training. The service is almost all professions , organizations , students and people who are interested in improve themselves.


Thailand has a reputation for service and spiritual care . Bringing Thailand 's development. A knowledge and understanding of the services according to international standards .


Because we care about your future and we want to see more and more successful young people getting the dream-job and traveling around the world.


Starting a new job is always challenging and even more so in a strange environment such as a ship. Our Trainer have over 10 years experience in Cruse Lines Industry and he's ready to share it with you,so you will get the skills and knowledge required for the job.

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Our Course


Posted: Ging / Date: 8 Sept 2017 / Category: Course


You are about to embark on a six weeks of training that will give you the skills and knowledge to enable you to start your career on board the ship with confidence.We are sure that with the help of your Trainer and,of course, attention and ambition from yourself,will prove to be a rewarding and fun filled experience.At the end of the training you will be ready to successfully pass the interview and get the dream-job on the ship.

We are pleased to welcome you to "Housekeeping on Cruise International Academy".You made the right choice for the future . Below are the highlights of the training, divided per days. Day 1 to day 10 are the most important part of the training and gonna take place at our school from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 13.00.

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